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The secret that Lifestyle Entrepreneurs know and you are missing

In researching “lifestyle entrepreneurs” online, I have realized that most people define lifestyle entrepreneur as someone who is more passionate about what they do than how much money they make.

It’s quite obvious, if this is true, that most of this market is not profitable and struggles with having enough money to support their lives. Can you relate?

So what if you could be a PROFITABLE Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

Well you can. In an earlier blog post, I featured 16 amazing and highly profitable women who have built their business around their lives AND they are all passionate about what they do and why they do it (another important note not discussed in the articles I have been reading on this subject matter including this great but limiting article by Forbes Magazine).

Here is what I know to be true for all of the women I featured and many more whom I have had great, enlightening conversations with over the past month on this topic:

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs are purpose-driven AND ON PURPOSE.

What I mean is that, not only are all these women driven by their passions, their mission and their purpose, they are also STRATEGIC in what they do and how they do it. They are clear about their goals AND about how they will achieve those goals. How else can they create a business that provides a great living, savings for retirement, travel expenses, private schools for kids and cute shoes — all in less than 30 hours a week?

There are a number of other similarities that I plan to uncover and discuss in future conversations and blog posts, but for now, know this:

You cannot create a sustainable and profitable lifestyle business by accident.

So what are your top strategies? What is your plan?

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