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Step 5 in Creating a Simple, Strategic, Success Plan

Step 5 in Creating a Simple, Strategic, Success Plan

This is the 5th post in a series of how to create a simple, strategic and successful plan. You can use this plan for launching a great 2013 (assuming the world doesn’t end in the next few weeks) or  you can implement these steps at any point to get on track with what you really want to create in your life and your business.

Creating a plan is often daunting, overwhelming and once you complete the plan, you never look at it again. It doesn’t have to be that way.

A good plan is one that is simple, to the point, and useful in your everyday tasks to build your business.

So let’s review the model that I use for myself and all of my clients, big and small, that creates simplicity and ease in our business-building strategies, our team development and even our partnership and promotional conversations.

And it includes only 5 things. Simple.

For a detailed of explanation of each, click on the title link.

A clear vision of what you will do.

What do we do, why do we do it, and who do we do it for.

Clarity about HOW you will do your work.

This is about your values and is the single thing that connects you to your clients and your team and your partners and everyone who thinks you are cool!

Your top 3 goals.

What are you working toward? And how will you know when you get there?

Your top 3 strategies.

How will you achieve those goals? And what is the magic net that brings the pieces together so you don’t spin out of control? It’s the strategy.

How will you celebrate your successes daily?

This last component of the plan was added recently for me as I need to remind myself regularly of my successes and celebrate them. If I don’t build these last pieces into my plan, then I don’t practice them….making me a dull, over-worked person.

Finally, I fit all of this information onto ONE PAGE. It is super important that all of these details can be written succinctly and to the point, with clarity and preciseness. This allows you to hang this document on the wall above your desk and reference it when you are developing your next product launch, having your next JV conversation, and even hiring your next team member.


1. Decide how you will celebrate daily, weekly, monthly, per project and for the year.

2. Build a document (I use Word and use text boxes for each section), and layout all of your details that you have written onto one page. It is important that this all fits onto one side of one page for easy reference.

3. Print your plan and hang it above your desk, share it with your team, and reference it during your next (and all) JV calls!

5 Steps to a Simple Plan: Step 3 Goal Setting

5 Steps to a Simple Plan: Step 3 Goal Setting

In creating our simple, strategic plan for 2013, we have clearly stated our VISION (which includes our mission, our market and our message) and our VALUES (this is HOW we do everything, and what makes us roll out of bed on the bad days).

Now we are ready to clearly identify our goals. Well, actually, we are only going to include 3 goals to focus on for the next year.3

I know this may feel limiting, but when you can focus on your top 3 goals, and state them specifically, concisely and measurable, then all your efforts become focused and your “bright, shiny object syndrome” is easy to manage.

Of course, as an entrepreneur, you are going to have ideas and opportunities that are just too cool to pass up, but narrowing your focus to 3 goals will allow you to start achieving greater success instead of being frustrated that your efforts are for naught.

So how do we do this? Take a few minutes to go through this exercise. You will want a paper and pen…or your favorite method of taking notes or journaling.

Step 3 – Your top 3 goals.

What are they? What do you want to accomplish and what is necessary to be accomplished to achieve success as you define it? Perhaps you want a more leverage business model–less private consulting and more group coaching? Perhaps you want to be speaking on stages and getting paid for it. Perhaps you  need to build brand awareness to reach more markets, get more clients and make more money.

When you can whittle your top goals to 3 that will help you achieve success in your life and your business, deciding what marketing tactics and strategies becomes easier.  Also, create measurable goals whenever possible. This will help you create realistic plans for achieving those goals.

Here is an example:

Top 3 Goals (Financial, growth & accomplishments)

1. Bring in 100 paying clients in 2013

2. $15,000 monthly income with a profit margin of 60%

3. Build a leveraged business that allows me to support my family & my health.

Can you see that, with these specific goals, my marketing efforts are going to be easily directed. If I need a profit margin of 60%, then I probably won’t get involved in a project that is a start-up or that is focused more on list-building (where profits are low due to the back-end return). If a business model that supports my family and my health is a priority, then spending too much time traveling might not be a good option (of course, “too much” is relative… but you get the point).


What are your top 3 goals for 2013? List your goals and identify WHY each is important to you. This will allow you to start sorting and grouping your goals to select the BIG goal for yourself. Make sure to include details that you can measure and identify your success on this journey.

And stay tuned for Step 4 of the Simple Strategic Plan, The Strategy that pulls it together.

What’s your mission?

What’s your mission?

What’s your mission? What do you do for your peeps?

What’s your purpose? WHY do you do that for your peeps?

Where are you going?

A few weeks ago, I shared some insights about success. But there’s an important question that begs to be asked.

How do you know if you are successful?

There are four things you must know in order to be successful.

First, you must be clear about your mission. Your mission is that thing you do. It can also include who you do it for. For some, a mission can be small or large. It can be life-changing for one or for many. In business, it is the thing that leads the company. In life, it creates a feeling of accomplishment.

Second, you must connect with your purpose. This is the “why” you feel motivated to do what you do. If you lose the connection with your why, it’s difficult to move forward.

Third, have a vision. This is the ability to use all of your senses as it relates to your mission and your vision. Think about your vision–what do you see yourself doing? Can you see the work that you do? Can you hear the reaction of the people when you do it? Can you feel the excitement that these people have when they work with you?

Finally, know your values. How do you do what you do? These are the things that direct how you function in your business and who you enjoy doing business with. Check out this list of values to identify your top 3-5.

These are the things that can help you become successful in all aspects of your life. But mostly, they can help you recognize your success and celebrate it.