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Sales or Marketing?

sales or marketing


I was recently asked to kick off a telesummit about marketing. When I asked the host why she selected me to do this (btw, this is one of my standard questions to assess all incoming opportunities), she said that I have an understanding about marketing and the ability to explain it that most people need to hear.

I have realized that she is right–most people do not understand what marketing is, how it is different than sales, and how they all relate. So here is a quick overview to give you an idea.

Marketing is the activity that builds awareness, credibility, and traffic to your event and/or your website. Marketing can include networking (online and offline), attending events, advertising, press releases, speaking, direct mail, search engine optimization, joint ventures and many more tactics.

Sales is the process of converting your “people”. This conversion is sometimes a money interaction, but not always. The request for the sale is often referred to as the “call to action” – or what you want them to do next. Sales include converting people from your website onto your newsletter list or your Facebook page is a form of a sale. Sales also include picking up the phone and having a strategic conversation.

If you are trying to combine your sales and marketing, you are probably often frustrated with your results. And I can assure you, you are annoying your potential clients. More to come on this later.

Also note that a good marketing campaign is not usually an over-night success tactic. Unless you are a “wham-bam-thankyou-maam” sales person (who does not care or want to see the customer the next day), then be committed to spending time building relationships, visibility and trust.

Good marketing allows the sale to be an easy process. Often, the right marketing attract the best sales.

Are you a mompreneur?

Are you a mompreneur?

“It’s No Accident How These Savvy Mompreneurs
Have Run Successful Careers AND Happy Families…
And How YOU Can Too!”

From the home office of MaryPat Kavanagh
Monday, 9:23 a.m.

Hi fellow mompreneur!

Let’s face it. Moms are probably the best multi-taskers around. We can balance a toddler on a hip, while making a PBJ sandwich, and talking to our most important client on the phone.

But just because we CAN juggle so well doesn’t mean we always make the best choices about our businesses.

Did you miss the free preview call with myself and Lisa Sasevich? Now you can listen to the replay below!
No Matter What The Daily Pressures Are, A Lot Is Expected From Moms…

No Matter What The Daily Pressures Are, A Lot Is
Expected From Moms…

To be honest with you…moms have it tougher than your average person. Yes, we’re all time-challenged. But no matter how far we’ve come in gender equality, women are expected to juggle more. We are still maternal. It’s in our DNA. No turning that off. We want our children to thrive and be successful at everything from infancy to adulthood. And of course we want to make enough money financially to afford the freedoms that brings.

To access the rest of this article and the audio link from our call with Lisa Sasevich, click here…

Savvy Mompreneur Telesummit Schedule

Savvy Mompreneur Telesummit Schedule


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