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Do you have a foundation for the business you built?

Do you have a foundation for the business you built?

As a business owner, YOU are the most important asset in your business. In fact, I believe that you are the foundation. It doesn’t matter what you build, if the foundation is rock-solid, it won’t last very long. And as an entrepreneur, you will go down with the business when it falls.

So it is wise and important to build your business with a solid foundation.

According to Dictionary.com, a foundation is:

the basis or groundwork of anything

What makes a solid foundation?

The are 4 key ingredients to a solid foundation to create sustainability for your business. Miss one ingredient and you will lose your opportunity for freedom.

The first ingredient to your foundation is YOU. There is a caveat here, though. The more sustainable your business is, the longer it can survive without you. And since most of us business owners have a business so we can have a life, becoming sustainable is pretty important.

But let’s talk foundation first. After you, what else is necessary?

There are a few other foundational items that are necessary to build a sustainable business.

You need a SHTICK – something that makes your stand out in the crowd.  It’s what you do and your positioning, rolled into one.

You need to be clear about WHO you do it for. I know this sounds obvious, but almost everyone stumbles over this piece at some point. Who do you serve? Why? What is there motivation? These simple answers need to roll off your tongue. And if it’s not a simple answer, you probably don’t have enough clarity here.

You need support. In fact, you need 3 types of support.

Support #1: Operational systems support you when you get sick, when you hire a new team member and when you launch a new program.

Support #2: Your team can include employees, assistants, coaches, advisory board, mastermind partners and even your cheerleaders. You don’t need all those team members, but the more you have supporting you, the easier it will be to get results on the days you don’t feel like it.

Support #3: Self care is what prevents things like adrenal fatigue/burnout and other debilitating illnesses from taking over your life. I heard Deepak Chopra refer to this as Living Luxuriously. I call it, the simple pleasures in life. For me, a glass of wine, waking up to a steamy cup of coffee, a candle-lit bath and watching the Gilmore Girls with my girls are my pleasures.

So I ask, does your business foundation include ALL the required ingredients for success and sustainability?

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

Over the last week, I have share some of my deepest, darkest moments as well as some of my greatest “a-ha” moments.

And for me, the answer is in collaboration.

When I collaborate with the right people:

We create a synergy more powerful than possible as individuals

We blast through the mess and get straight to the message

We discover what is working and why, so you can stop the things that don’t serve you

We layout a simple, step-by-step plan that can be handed off to your team for support and implementation

We discover new, out of the box opportunities to spread your message and have a greater impact

We get results

We have fun!

If you are:

  • Not sure about what is working, what is not, and/or why
  • Struggling with having a life and running a successful business
  • Stuck between making enough to feel like you are almost there, but not enough to feel like you made it
  • Frustrated with having a team
  • Wanting to make 2013 the year that you have a life and a successful business

Then you should consider finding someone to help you. Go COLLABORATE with great people!

Where to find these great people?

They are everywhere! They are online. In your favorite social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. They are in your community…maybe even on your same street.

You and I might even be a good fit to collaborate! Who knows!?! But reach out to someone and stop being alone.

If you want to know more about collaborating with me to help you strategize, develop a plan and/or program, then please read my previous blog posts about my story over the last year.

Are you making the mistakes I made?

How I built my business after it crumbled

This will help you understand more about me and what is important to me–a necessity for any collaborative partnership to ensure you are on the same page. If my story resonates with you, there are instructions at the bottom of both posts to set up an appointment so we can talk.

But even if you don’t choose me, which is fine, choose YOU. Choose to serve yourself and do things together and better!