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#2 Goal for 2009 – Did you make it?

#2 Goal for 2009 – Did you make it?

The first goal that many people active in social media right now have is turning your network into revenue-generating traffic. For tips on how you can achieve that goal in the next 10 weeks, catch our last post.

And here’s the #2 Goal:

2Goal #2:  Spend less time social networking and more time making money!

Here are five tips to save tons of time on your social networking:

  1. Block out 15 minutes each day for this activity
  2. Know what you are doing: posting on walls? Making new connections? Sending birthday wishes? This will help you target your time and not get distracted.
  3. Create a system for what to do and when: accept friend requests on Mondays & Thursdays, respond to messages on Tuesdays & Fridays, build new friends & post on walls on Wednesdays.
  4. Don’t do it yourself! If you have a system, why can’t your VA or even your teen help out?
  5. Turn your virtual friends into real friends! Pick up the phone at least twice each week to talk to some of your new friends. Build those relationships now before you need to sell something. Promotions will be much easier later on.

For more assistance with your social networking to save time, build relationships and start making money, check out the KickStart Coaching program. This program dives into a different topic each month to help use social media to build relationships and even offers private coaching as well.

Top 3 Goals for 2009 – Did you make it? Part 1

Top 3 Goals for 2009 – Did you make it?  Part 1

Did you set goals for 2009? Where are you at? Here are 3 popular goals with some tips to help you achieve these goals in the next 12 weeks!

1Goal #1: Turn my social networking friends into buyers.

Here are 5 steps to social media success that work for everyone, no matter your business or your personality!

  1. Build a profile that ATTRACTS the right people.
  2. Build your network with quality, not quantity. Make sure you know who you want to connect with. It’s about strategy and it’s not random.
  3. Build your visibility through activities like wall posts and comments and having conversations.
  4. Build your credibility through sharing good information-yours and others.
  5. Build traffic by blogging, integration and good conversations (yes, conversations warrant being listed twice)

It’s not too late to participate in my “30 Days to Create & Automate a Traffic Generating System” This is a 4 week bootcamp where I teach you my step-by-step proven system that takes your social networking, builds relationships and drives massive traffic to your site to buy your products and services.

Yes, this program started last week and we are recording all of the calls, so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t clear your schedule! For more information, check out the sales page now!

Don’t Make Yourself Sound So Boring

Don’t Make Yourself Sound So Boring

GUEST POST FROM JOAN STEWART (see credits at bottom of post)

I’m not mentioning any names.

But when I read the social networking profiles of some of my friends and business associates, I think to myself: “You’re really interesting. And you’re lots of fun. You even have unusual hobbies. So why are you making yourself sound so boring?”

Yes, that little snippet of information just below your photo on your Twitter or Facebook profiles can determine whether a visitor follows you, friends you, or decides that you have nothing to offer and leaves in search of somebody else who does.

On LinkedIn, that much longer profile will determine whether somebody wants to connect with you, or forget you.

I can’t begin to count the number of Twitter replies and direct messages from my followers who comment on my love for the Food Network and motorycles, which I’ve mentioned in my profile at http://Twitter.com/PublicityHound

What does that have to do with publicity?

Absolutely nothing. READ MORE »