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There’s no such this as a social media strategy

There’s no such this as a social media strategy

Have you created your 2012 marketing plan yet? Do you know some of the specific steps and strategies that you are going to implement this year to achieve your goals?

And where is social media fitting into the picture? wordplay-image

In the last week, I have had three highly respected business owners ask me about creating a social media strategy. And my response is simple: social media is a tool, not a strategy.

“What do you mean?” they said.

What I mean is simple, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and a boatload of other platforms have the potential to garner new visitors to your ideas and even convert the viewers into raving fans and customers.

So if social media can do all that, then why isn’t it considered a strategy?

Social media is what you do to help you achieve the results that you want in your business. You want more visibility for your business online? You want more attendees at your next event? You want to be able to quickly shift complaints into testimonials? Then social media can help you do all these things and more.

It is a tool that can help you achieve:

  • Online visibility
  • List building
  • Increased credibility (and even instant credibility)
  • More speaking opportunities
  • More qualified web traffic to your site
  • Search Engine results (have you “googled” yourself lately?)
  • Networking
  • Promotional partners to help you sell your services
  • Joint venture partners to help you build your business
  • Build a team to help you grow your business
  • Customer support
  • Increased publicity & recognition
  • And so many more results!

So if you have speaking, networking, SEO and advertising as your top strategies for your marketing plan, social media can help you get better results in each of these. Is this starting to make sense?

Now that you have a new awareness and understanding of social media, how are you going to use it to achieve your goals in 2012? Please post a comment below.

Can social media make you money?

Can social media make you money?

For years, this was one of my most popular speaking topics. While I have evolved from conversations about Facebook and Twitter to how turn your friends into profit centers while developing authentic REALationships, the question still remains.

Can you make money hanging out in social networking spaces?

The answer remains an astounding YES!

This last month, you probably saw me share tips and links about creating REALationships and Jumpstarting Your JVs on my various social media platforms.

While I usually fill that program with an average of 70% strategic JVs and partnership referrals, this latest program was not the case. Oh, I still had my referral participants, but more than 1/2 of my paid attendees came directly from Facebook!

Why does this matter, you ask?

Well, let me start by saying that I love my Joint Venture REALationships and partners. But I pay them an affiliate commission to everyone they send over. (and I love writing those commission checks because I am very grateful!)

So when someone clicks on MY links in Facebook….or a comment that links back to my program, I make more money!

Please note that I didn’t just show up one day pitching myself to my social networks. I have spent years building my reputation and relationships here.

And I am continuing the process.

But it does pay off and I wanted to share this little win with you.

So the next time you are wondering if Facebook is worth the time, it can be when its done right!

Top 3 Goals for 2009 – Did you make it? Part 3

Top 3 Goals for 2009 – Did you make it? Part 3

Now that we have covered the top 2 goals that most entrepreneurs have set this year for their social media activities, what’s left?

3Goal #3: Leverage my relationships to build my business!

If you are like most of my friends, you completely understand that building relationships is the #1 key to success. You know that one relationship can increase your visibility, build your credibility, drive tons of targeted traffic to your site, and even bring you happy people who buy your services-over and over again. 

But you have reached out, created some partnerships, and left feeling like you got the short end of the stick.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When you have the right pieces in place, have the right conversations with the right people, you can create wonderful relationships with people you love and who love you-even after your “promotion” is completed.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Here are three tips to get you on track for creating happy, profitable relationships:

  1. Make sure the partnership and the opportunity “feel” right. I don’t know how to say it any other way, but use your gut! Even if you love the person, it may not be the right opportunity at this time. Trust yourself!
  2. Get your entire agreement down on paper. A conversation is not enough when something goes astray. You need to discuss all the “what if’s” before you start building a product or promoting an event.
  3. Communicate! Yes, this may be basic, but when partnerships start to go haywire, people quit talking. Don’t fall into this trap. Make time for your partner and always be respectful. This is like a temporary marriage of sorts.

For more information about JV management and consulting, including JV Crisis Management and Mediation, let’s talk. Call or email me at (877) 716-1469 or marypat@queenofmarketing.com and we can schedule a quick consultation.

#2 Goal for 2009 – Did you make it?

#2 Goal for 2009 – Did you make it?

The first goal that many people active in social media right now have is turning your network into revenue-generating traffic. For tips on how you can achieve that goal in the next 10 weeks, catch our last post.

And here’s the #2 Goal:

2Goal #2:  Spend less time social networking and more time making money!

Here are five tips to save tons of time on your social networking:

  1. Block out 15 minutes each day for this activity
  2. Know what you are doing: posting on walls? Making new connections? Sending birthday wishes? This will help you target your time and not get distracted.
  3. Create a system for what to do and when: accept friend requests on Mondays & Thursdays, respond to messages on Tuesdays & Fridays, build new friends & post on walls on Wednesdays.
  4. Don’t do it yourself! If you have a system, why can’t your VA or even your teen help out?
  5. Turn your virtual friends into real friends! Pick up the phone at least twice each week to talk to some of your new friends. Build those relationships now before you need to sell something. Promotions will be much easier later on.

For more assistance with your social networking to save time, build relationships and start making money, check out the KickStart Coaching program. This program dives into a different topic each month to help use social media to build relationships and even offers private coaching as well.

Social Media #1 Most Broken Rule for Success

Social Media #1 Most Broken Rule for Success

It still amazes me that when I ask people WHY they “need” to use social networking as part of their marketing plans, 9 out of 10 people still don’t know. In fact, it hasn’t even occurred to them. They are just “jumping on the band wagon”, or so to speak.

Although, to give them credit, the ones who aren’t yet active in social networking are probably subconsciously aware that they don’t know why they should be.

But for everyone reading this article, please take note: READ MORE »

BizTechDay press release

BizTechDay press release


Jacki Wojcik
The UpLevel Agency


Award-Winning Business Coach, Kelly O’Neil and Social Media Expert, MaryPat Kavanagh Team Up to Take BiztechDay By Storm

Expert Duo to Speak at Genius Desk During Small Business Technology Expo;   O’Neil To Moderate “How to Make Your Blog, Video, Podcast, Social Network Viral” Panel READ MORE »