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How to get results that matter

How to get results that matter

Premise: we all spend time doing and doing but at the end of the day we feel spent and wasteful…and we are not closer to building our business and having a life.

So how do we spend our time focusing on the strategic results AND still get everything done? (like emails, phone calls, running kids around, feeding ourselves and our families, etc.)

Solution: plan for success everyday!

I am an expert at wasting time….spending the day checking my email, following up on Facebook, having great conversations with fun people who I really like, and feeling wiped out and frustrated that I’m not really closer to any of my goals.

It’s important to me to be happy and feel accomplished. So I created a system (yes, I do that for everything in my life) that allows me to mess around with emails & Facebook and have fun coffee dates and still get strategic results everyday and feel on-purpose!

Here is what must be included in your plan for success:

Simply answer these 6 questions to start being on-purpose with your time, your business and your life!

  • What is my focused project? – select your focus and stick to it
  • Why is this project important to complete? – identify the purpose of the project/focus and make sure it supports your goals.
  • What steps will I take to complete this project? – outline how you will get this done.
  • What results will I achieve by completing this project? – This answer will help you focus on the end, helping you stay on track.
  • What challenge do I foresee on this project? – be clear about your weaknesses, acknowledge them. Surprises take us down and side-track us quickly.
  • What support do I need? – make sure you have support and share your goals, results you want and your weaknesses and find a friend who will call you out if need be.

Then schedule your time. Be realistic. And take things one day at a time. If you can figure out how to get one thing done ON PURPOSE each day, you will have accomplished great things in a matter of days and weeks.

For information about how you can get strategic support and start getting better results, check out the Strategic Results Take Action Day. You can subscribe to our monthly support program or just drop in for the day and check it out. Act now and access your monthly membership for only $27!

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