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JV Tip: Values-based relationships are winners!

JV Tip: Values-based relationships are winners!

What do “values” have to do with JV’s, joint ventures or other business relationships?

Short answer: money, friends, programs and fun!

Long answer: When you connect with people for business and your values–those things that motivate you–are similar or complimentary, then you have a foundation for building opportunities that will support your relationship as you and your business grows!

What are your values?

Money is not USUALLY the value that motivates most people–although some are motivated by the KaChing! Most people–especially purpose-driven, conscious people–are mostivated by other things like family, faith, community, integrity, honesty and relationships.  Click this link for a more complete list of values.

Why are values important in business relationships?

Because these are the foundational pieces for long-term, repeat opportunities. We can all connect with someone for the money once. But after that, there must be a connection that is deeper. We really need to like the person in order to keep “subjecting” ourselves to interviews, programs and events with that same person.

And when we DO connect with someone multiple times for business programs, teleseminars and other list-building and/or money-making opportunities, our tribe comes with us. With each connection, it becomes easier to sell our services and we are all more profitable.

Make sense?

What to do next?

Click on the list of values to identify your top values. There are hundreds of values listed here, so just review the list and write down the top 10 that really resonate with you. Then circle the top 3-5 values that feel the most compelling to you. Just start there. You can update your list as often as you like. But now you have a starting point for connecting with some great people!

Top 3 Goals for 2009 – Did you make it? Part 3

Top 3 Goals for 2009 – Did you make it? Part 3

Now that we have covered the top 2 goals that most entrepreneurs have set this year for their social media activities, what’s left?

3Goal #3: Leverage my relationships to build my business!

If you are like most of my friends, you completely understand that building relationships is the #1 key to success. You know that one relationship can increase your visibility, build your credibility, drive tons of targeted traffic to your site, and even bring you happy people who buy your services-over and over again. 

But you have reached out, created some partnerships, and left feeling like you got the short end of the stick.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When you have the right pieces in place, have the right conversations with the right people, you can create wonderful relationships with people you love and who love you-even after your “promotion” is completed.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Here are three tips to get you on track for creating happy, profitable relationships:

  1. Make sure the partnership and the opportunity “feel” right. I don’t know how to say it any other way, but use your gut! Even if you love the person, it may not be the right opportunity at this time. Trust yourself!
  2. Get your entire agreement down on paper. A conversation is not enough when something goes astray. You need to discuss all the “what if’s” before you start building a product or promoting an event.
  3. Communicate! Yes, this may be basic, but when partnerships start to go haywire, people quit talking. Don’t fall into this trap. Make time for your partner and always be respectful. This is like a temporary marriage of sorts.

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