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LIVE EVENTS How to get something out of nothing

LIVE EVENTS How to get something out of nothing

In the last few weeks, I have been making some decisions to attend live events to help me in my business. Interestingly enough, I have been receiving some feedback through the grapevine AND to my face asking me “WHY those events? What can you learn there? You could be teaching this stuff!”

So I decided to share–especially because I have had some of my biggest, most transformational breakthroughs at events where I had been asked these same questions.


So why do I go to these events and how do I have such amazing experiences when the content shared is “old news” and the people there are not really my market?

I follow this simple process:

I get clear about WHY I am attending the event.

Last weekend, I attended the Prosperity Summit hosted by Gerald Rogers and Garrett J White. They did a great job! But really, I didn’t learn anything new. And I wasn’t expecting to. The event was a combination of mindset for success and business tactical skills and systems. Why was I here?

  1. To support my friends hosting the event
  2. Support my friends who were speaking at the event
  3. And be in the spirit of working ON my business instead of IN my business.

In the spirit of working ON my business, I set my intention BEFORE I go.

I get very clear about what I need to receive during my time that I am investing at the event. This last weekend, I was clear that I would receive the message I need to take my business to the next level AND the specific actions I need to take to achieve this growth.

Did I receive this? Absolutely! I got a message slammed over my head (that is often what it takes for ME to hear messages…) about my purpose. Well, I knew my purpose before I went. In fact, I have known my purpose for 3.5 years–starting with a hand analysis that was clear I am meant to EMPOWER THROUGH LEADERSHIP.

I have received more in-depth knowledge about my purpose with the work I did with Linda Zimmer. Well this message was reignited by Garrett. With the message, I did some serious soul-searching to understand exactly what I need to do to switch between KNOWING what I am meant for and what to do about it.

Well, because I had dedicated the time, energy and intention to receive the knowledge, I got it.

So this last week, I was installed for my 2nd term as President of the Salt Lake Chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners. We hosted an amazing event that was empowering to all. I feel like it is my “do-over” year to move from my theme last year of EMPOWERING YOU (where in I was the one empowered) to this year’s theme of BEING THE LEADER in our business, life and family (where it is my opportunity to be the leader…).

NAWBO 2011-2012 Board Installation

I have also reconnected with a number of great friends and people I met but just needed to step up the relationship. And I have a list of my top 10 HIGH PAY-OFF ACTIVITIES (actually, these are my top 10 CASH FLOW activities–because isn’t life much easier when the cash is flowing from a place of prosperity instead of hard work?).

So yes, it really is two steps:

1. Be clear about WHY you are attending the event.

2. Set your intention for what you will get from the event.

What are the steps that YOU take when you have amazing success attending a live event? Please share!

Leadership – What does that mean?

Leadership – What does that mean?

As you probably know, I was installed as the President of the Salt Lake Chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) last week. I got to share some thoughts and inspiration at the end of the event after the board was installed and some amazing women were recognized for their accomplishments.

As a leader of this organization, I have definite ideas about where the “leadership” comes. I believe that leadership comes from within. And that my job, as the President, is to empower you to be the best leader that you can be.

Leadership comes in many ways.

My oldest daughter is living with her dad this summer and gets to care for her 7 year old sister who she doesn’t get to spend much time with. We were talking this afternoon about how she is an example of a powerful woman for her younger sister as she cares for her.

My husband is a coach for the American Legion Baseball team in our community. Chris is a leader for those teenage boys who are trying to be adults and learning about respect and team work.

Gretta Spendlove is a leader for women business owners. She was recognized as the Women Business Owner of the Year by our local NAWBO chapter and has accomplished amazing things.

Amanda Moxley is a leader for women entrepreneurs who are getting started in their businesses need an example of someone who has persevered despite life and self-doubt. Amanda was recognized last week as NAWBO’s Rising Star.

Zoe Albert is a leader for young women and adolescents with a vision and a desire to give back to her community. She is the 2010 2nd place winner of the Girls Going Places Award.

Who are you leading?

How do YOU define success?

How do YOU define success?

I was recently installed as the President of my local chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). I was also on the nominating committee for the Women Business Owner of the Year and Rising Star Awards for 2010. And I had the honor of interviewing Gretta Spendlove and Amanda Moxley–the award winners.

It was inspirational to hear these successful women discuss their perspective of SUCCESS.

The first question I asked them both was “How to you define success?” This is a question I have asked many great women and I love the answers I get.  In my presidential acceptance speech, I discussed my own thoughts on this question.

I believe that success comes from the following:

First, success is a feeling, not a destination. It comes from when you are “on the right track”. This is when you have a mission and you are consciously working on that track.

Success also comes from connecting to your PURPOSE–that WHY you do what you do. When you are clear about why you work as hard as you do and juggle all of the pieces of your life and the lives of those around you, their is a feeling of accomplishment.

Also, when you are clear about the VISION of where you are going and your VALUES of how you will accomplish that journey, success becomes the path.

What is YOUR definition of success?