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Are you a leader?

Are you a leader?

I believe that we are all leaders. Whether we are parents, business owners, friends, coaches, servers, mechanics or even students–we have the opportunity to lead. I personally believe that it is our job to step up, when we are called, to lead.

So what does leadership mean?

Leadership means being an example of what to do when you don’t feel like it–even when no one is watching.

Leadership is sailing the ship when the captain is gone–and getting all the sailors on board to help you so you are not sailing the boat yourself. Empowering teams.

Leadership is choosing what to do, or not to do, when your friends are not making good choices. Make good choices.

Leadership is NOT taking on that client that you know is not a good fit for you even though you need the money.

Leadership is staying true to who you are and not compromising yourself when times are tough. Everything is easy when times are good. But when times are difficult, who do you want to be…really?

Leadership is knowing who you are…and empowering others to be who THEY are, instead of some ideal that someone else created as the truth.

Are you a leader?

YES, you are. But did you know it?

What do you need to start doing NOW to be a better leader?

Leadership – What does that mean?

Leadership – What does that mean?

As you probably know, I was installed as the President of the Salt Lake Chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) last week. I got to share some thoughts and inspiration at the end of the event after the board was installed and some amazing women were recognized for their accomplishments.

As a leader of this organization, I have definite ideas about where the “leadership” comes. I believe that leadership comes from within. And that my job, as the President, is to empower you to be the best leader that you can be.

Leadership comes in many ways.

My oldest daughter is living with her dad this summer and gets to care for her 7 year old sister who she doesn’t get to spend much time with. We were talking this afternoon about how she is an example of a powerful woman for her younger sister as she cares for her.

My husband is a coach for the American Legion Baseball team in our community. Chris is a leader for those teenage boys who are trying to be adults and learning about respect and team work.

Gretta Spendlove is a leader for women business owners. She was recognized as the Women Business Owner of the Year by our local NAWBO chapter and has accomplished amazing things.

Amanda Moxley is a leader for women entrepreneurs who are getting started in their businesses need an example of someone who has persevered despite life and self-doubt. Amanda was recognized last week as NAWBO’s Rising Star.

Zoe Albert is a leader for young women and adolescents with a vision and a desire to give back to her community. She is the 2010 2nd place winner of the Girls Going Places Award.

Who are you leading?