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Strategy Session

Strategy Session & 90 Day Action Plan

Do you keep it together all day long in-between running kids around, managing your household and building your business? And then toss and turn during the few hours each night that you have scheduled for sleep?

Does it seem like you are working your butt off, but cash flow feels pathetic? (If only I could get a nickel for every sock I lost in the wash and every stick of lip balm that went through the wash!)

Are you active on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter because you GET that this network of people could potentially build your success through the relationships and opportunities, but you just aren’t seeing a return yet?

This is my life I am describing, except that I have figured out how to get the return. Through my social networking activities, I landed over 100 joint ventures, strategic partners and speaking opportunities plus 2 regular featured columns in national magazines in just 6 months!

And I made more money through these activities than through my other marketing strategies.

And I can show you how!

kickstart-girlI have 5 spots available each month and I want to offer them to you—the overworked, under-respected entrepreneur who is so clear about being part of something bigger in this world and just needs a shove in the right direction!

Order now to schedule your 90 minute assessment and strategy session.

We will get clear about your mission, your vision & your daily motivators. Then we will assess your target market, your positioning and your message to confirm that it compliments your current marketing strategy. I will offer a complete assessment of your current activities (what works and what doesn’t and why), and a clear objective for going forward to start getting the results you want.

With this package, you will get:

  • MP3 recording of the session,
  • Complete assessment of where you are right now,
  • Report of your goals and objectives clearly laid out
  • 90 Day action plan that identifies your tasks, purpose and timeline
  • Checklist to reference for you and your team
  • Guide To Social Networking Success: Where To Start ebook

And as a bonus, I will also offer you a complimentary 30 minute follow-up coaching session to answer your questions and keep you on track with creating greater visibility, credibility and cash flow using social networking!

But this is only available for the first 5 people who get scheduled each month!

Oh yeah, you are asking “But how much is this going to cost me?”


I am passionate about helping other savvy entrepreneurs develop the strategy and the system that only a few have been able to achieve. I have been dreaming of offering tips like this for years.

I usually offer this package without this bonus coaching session for $650. Since I know you need to start TODAY, I am offering the next 5 people this package for only $500.

So get scheduled now for your 90 minute strategy session for only $500

I will send you an intake form (so we can make the most of your 90 minutes), your “Guide to Social Networking Success: Where to Start” as a special bonus (since most of us are active in social networking but are not doing it right) and we will get you scheduled.

To our success!

MaryPat Kavanagh
Your Queen of Marketing!

P.S. How much money do you need to make in the next 90 days to feel like this is all worth it? I have one client who connected with someone that resulted in over $40K in business for her. Let’s make that happen for YOU!

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