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Hi, I'm MaryPat, and after spending the last 8 years passionate about being a Lifestyle Entrepeneur (and the last 25 years as a serial entrepreneur), I realized that with out profitability, it was hard to maintain the lifestyle I was working for  - not that I haven't been successful, but I wasn't consistant - and during the years that I made multiple 6 figures, I kept rolling my profits back into the business in hopes of something better.

This was frustrating, exhausting, and quite frankly, burned me out!

So in the the last 2 years, I have turned my business into a more Profitable business and focused  my research on uncovering the strategies, tactics and mindset of the Profitable Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

In the following videos, I will share specific steps that you MUST understand and embody in order to achieve the much desired status of THE Profitable Lifestyle Entrepreneur.


For only $27, you will immediately gain access to the first of the 5 informational videos.


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  • Understanding Profitability - the foundation of the Profitable Lifestyle
  • Debunking the 6-figure myth - what the experts don't want you to know
  • How to avoid mistakes that most of us are making everyday
  • How to have a life - what is beyond your family & your business?
  • 5 things you must know to get to where you are going faster and with ease & grace
MaryPat imageI am passionate about shining a spotlight on the Profitable Lifestyle Entrepreneur....AND about sharing the specific strategies, tactics and mindset of the people who have achieved this success.

MaryPat Kavanagh
Your Profitable Lifestyle Entrepreneur Expert!

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