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How can you tell what marketing works and what marketing does not work?

Do you have a message that you NEED to get into this world in a bigger way?

Are you on a mission that pulls you forward but you’re not sure how to have the greatest impact?

Are you doing all the right things without the great results you were expecting?

I’m MaryPat Kavanagh and I have my own mission–to empower chang-emakers to have a greater impact and share their messages in a bigger way.

Who am I?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 20 years old–founded, owned and operated multiple businesses resulting in the creation of Strategic Results Marketing in 1999. You can read more about me and my business experience on the About MaryPat page. My purpose for this page is to share a bit about me so that you can decide if you want to keep reading.

Who do I work with?

I have experience working with just about every type of business doing everything within the marketing realm you can think of. However, I do not work that way anymore.

Today, I work with people who light my fire. That includes passion-preneurs, speakers, women with a big mission, and sometimes, restaurant-eurs (but that’s another website). Back to the passion-preneurs, I especially love to work with entrepreneurs who have achieved success but still want to have a greater impact.

What do I do?

I empower change-makers to make a greater impact.

What does that mean?

More specifically, I mentor my clients to achieve greater results by implementing key strategies that are in alignment with your mission, your vision, your values and your goals.


I suggest that you start with downloading some of my complimentary programs:

Your target market – the key to success that no one ever told you about

The 5 Necessary Tips to Turning Your REALationships into Revenue, go to

And for more information about me (and to see if you might really like me), connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. Or read my blog.